YouTube Benefits and Uses

Have you ever considered the reason you are really using YouTube?

Are you getting practical information, or are you just getting comedic and funny information?

Then, sit back and go through this article to learn the various benefits you can derive from using YouTube and how you can use it for entertainment, to expand business and to learn.

YouTube was developed in 2005 and later purchased by Google for $1.6 billion. They purchased it even before it had started making a single penny in terms of profit. It has grown in popularity mostly because of the ease of video hosting and sharing services. You can view and upload videos anytime and add comments as well as subscribing to your favorite artists and producers. I am very sure almost everyone is aware of YouTube benefits superficially; let me explain those benefits and uses in a deeper way.

Why should you use YouTube for video hosting?

There are five major benefits you will derive when you host your video in YouTube:

Large audience for your video

The success of any enterprise is determined by its visibility. YouTube offers you the required exposure with little effort or no effort at all. It only requires selecting the video to upload and placing it under the right category. The chances of an amusing, creative and entertaining video to go viral and attract a vast audience are greater in YouTube when compared to hosting it in private websites. In case you want to privatize your video so that it can only be viewed by selected few; YouTube allows you to do that.

The ease of using it.

Though we all get motivated when we cross all hurdles through our hard work when we decide to do serious business, sometimes it helps to save that energy and those dollars by choosing an easy and fair option. This is the reason YouTube is there as your favorite choice. All you need to do is to create an account, sign in and upload your video. Before you blink, you find yourself in YouTube. In fact if a user only wants to watch a video, no registration is needed. Yes, it is that simple.

It boasts a vast bandwidth and sustainability

YouTube can handle a hell load of traffic as is a dedicated website from a well-established and reliable giant, Google. Consider a case whereby your video goes viral, and you start getting a substantial number of hits. In this kind of scenario, that’s when you will realize the need of having a significant amount of bandwidth to accommodate such massive traffic. Therefore, to avoid this panic of having a potential small bandwidth of your private website, just use YouTube. It beats logic to use YouTube when you want to reach the whole universe.

It enables you to know the audience opinions.

YouTube enables one to get some feedback on the uploaded videos via the comment box. If you are not listening to criticism and suggestions about your work, then you cannot survive in this competitive environment. It gives one a direct touch with potential customers and live audiences. All comments are sent to your email, and in case you want to remove any of them; you can do so with ease.

It supports various video formats and offers easy navigation

There are different ways one can use to search for videos on YouTube: via keyword, by topic or even by scanning the most popular video list. YouTube employs the use of Adobe Flash to play back videos which act as a standard format that goes with most browsers.

You can upload most videos in common formats such as WMV, MOV, AVI and MPG files that are converted to flash automatically. The point am trying to drive home here, is that when a famous site is easy to use, it is prudent to host you video on that website, and that’s what YouTube provides.

Those are the various benefits you derive when you decide to host your video on YouTube. However, YouTube can also be used to market a business. So, what are the benefits of using YouTube to market your business?

Five benefits of using YouTube in marketing your business.

Ability to reach global audience

Your video can be seen by millions of people around the world if it is eye catching, informative and creative. However, there is no point of having your marketing video being watched by wrong people as they will never be part of your potential clients. To avoid this place your video in the marketing category.

It increases your rank in Google search engine

A YouTube video linked to the business website in the description improves your Google ranking. Every time a customer uses the link in the description to access your business website, your website climbs several ranks in Google search engine result page.

It is free

Many advertisements are charged expensively, but YouTube provides that opportunity for free. It is possible to upload plenty of marketing videos on YouTube for absolutely no cost. You don’t require making a professional advertisement. You can take your video using a handheld camera and utilize the simple film editing tools provided by YouTube

You don’t require a humorous video

There is a myth that for your video to go viral, it needs to be entertaining or composed of obscene content. Videos don’t need to be interesting to gain views; you only need to make them informative rather than humorous.

Viewers will subscribe to your channel

Viewers who enjoyed viewing your clip will definitely subscribe to your channel. Once they have subscribed to the channel, you can email them. This helps to expand your mailing list that you can use for email marketing.

Briefly let’s check on various ways you can use YouTube.

-You can spy on celebrities. If you are celebrity obsessed, then YouTube is a place where you can follow most of the celebs activities such as performances and their new releases.

-You can also educate yourself. There are lots of tutorial videos and also informative content such as how to play guitar, how to break dance… you can continue as the list is endless.

– To procrastinate. Let’s all be honest, we postpone so many things just to watch clips in YouTube. It has a way of getting you addicted, and before you get back to your normal sense, you find to have watched 20 videos.

There are loads of benefits and uses of YouTube; I have only covered the main ones. Make use of YouTube as it is a hub of so many informative and entertaining things

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